How to play Keno

Keno is a game of chance, similar to the classic lottery games, but it can be played in an offline or online casino environment. The majority of online casinos feature games of keno, and though it’s not as popular as blackjack, keno is played by its own set of fans passionate about the game.


To play Keno, players need to mark several numbers called ‘spots’ on a blank keno ticket, out of the maximum of 80 possible. The number of spots in a game can be variable, but usually not more than 20. The ticket has to be submitted for it to participate at the game. When submitting the keno ticket, the playes has to wager a certain amount of money – this amount also depends on the casino, but usually the 50 cent or a $1 minimum limit is applied.

After a short while the draw of the numbers takes place. Some casinos use a human operator – usually an attractive one – or an automated system to draw 20 numbers out of the container with the 80 possible numbers in it. The player then verifies his ticket, checks for winning numbers and cashes out – or throws away the ticket, and buys another one.

Depending on the paytable and the type of the ticket, the winnings can be really variable.

There are several options available when betting on keno. Players can mark their spots of choice, but for special combinations of numbers the casinos usually offer higher payouts.  Specialty paytables are Top Only, Bottom Only, Left Only, Right Only, Odd Only, Even Only, Parlay, Exacta,

Edge, or Square, although the classic betting process is the most popular in keno games.

Keno players are often given the chance to play several sequential races with the same keno ticket. The number of races playable in a multi-race keno game can be up to 1,000. In these types of games, players place their bets on a multi-race game, and after the set number of races has concluded, they collect any winnings resulting from any games in the sequence.

Several online casinos offer a video version of the game, called video keno. This type of keno is similar to slot machines – the player wagers a certain amount, sets the spots and pushes a button. Payouts are set according to the number of spots ‘caught’ by the player.

Keno is a simple game of luck, much like any lottery or slot machine games online. Good luck, and have fun playing keno.

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