How do online casinos work?

You find the right place to gamble (we can help you find that), you register, you deposit funds to your account (we can help you with that), you cash in on the attractive welcome bonus offered to you by the casino operator (we can help you find that), you choose the game that best suits your needs (we can help you find that), you click or swipe in the right place (we can help you find that), and Boom! You win! (Or you don’t – luck is the only thing we cannot help you find).

Welcome to Casino Booms!, a place where you can find the best offers and promotions provided by the best casino operators of the internet. We have casino and game reviews, lists with promotions and specials – and even some materials about online poker, which is also a (former) casino game, but needs more strategy than luck.

We are a team of young casino players, who have struggled to find the right place to gamble and the right games to play, and who have decided to share their experience with everyone on the internet.

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